About Us

We’re on a mission to change the way the world builds software and digital products for the better.

In 2006, UserVoice CEO Richard White spent his days working on a calendaring product and obsessing about understanding his customers.

He wanted to know how to improve the product in a meaningful way for customers, but the countless hours he invested combing through forum threads, blog comments, and emails provided him little actionable insight. He knew he couldn’t possibly be the only product owner struggling to gather meaningful feedback from customers. So he set out to develop a solution to help companies better connect with and understand customers. Two years later, UserVoice was born.

Customers today expect companies to not just listen to their feedback, but to truly value it and use it to drive positive change. Product teams are tasked with the critical job of understanding customer pain and pinpointing its true cause to build the perfect solution. They sit at the center of all stakeholders – translating customer needs to internal teams, guiding engineering, and driving product strategy to achieve company goals.

Product management has always been more art than science, and we’re here to change that by transforming how companies gather and analyze product feedback. We automate the collection and management of product feedback and enrich it with quantitative customer data. By bringing science to the art of listening, we’re helping product managers prioritize feature requests to drive strategic product decisions.

Our Values

Win together, learn together

We refuse to let fear of failure prevent us from exploring bold new ideas. So we venture into new territory as a united front. We don't always win, but when we don't win, we always learn.

Burn silos, build bridges

We hire smart people. Period. We have titles and departments, but those don’t define or divide us. When we remove silos and work together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Work smarter, live better

We’re a team of self-starters who like to get $#*! done. You won’t find any set-in-stone processes or corporate red tape here. We stay nimble by continuously adapting our ways and reminding each other perfect is the enemy of done.

Have empathy, don’t be a dick

You are welcome. We don’t just accept and respect one another, we appreciate, support, and genuinely want to spend time with each other.

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Our Dogs

The fridge is stocked and the work is meaningful but it doesn’t hurt to have these puppers to look forward to when we come to the office.